Private Property Towing Services

Causing Problems in Private Properties?

You can’t avoid running into a roadblock or flat tire in the middle of a long trip. When this happens, you have to decide: leave the car blocking the road or call a towing service. However, calling a towing company may be the most challenging part of your trip. You might be concerned that towing would be expensive and that there’s no guarantee the tow truck would show up on time. The positive side is that you can save yourself some money and stress by hiring a private property towing service. The following are three reasons you need to call a towing company instead of leaving the car blocking the road.


When a car gets towed, it often has to be taken to the impound lot to be stored. If the vehicle has to be impounded, you’ll have to pay a storage fee. If you go to the impound lot and park, you’ll have to pay to park. You can see how the added costs can quickly add up if you go down the list. In fact, in many cases, you’ll have to pay for towing and storage fees. Fortunately, when you hire a towing company, you don’t have to worry about paying storage fees or additional towing charges because the company will take care of it.


A towing company’s vehicles are outfitted with license plate readers, which can automatically determine the date, time, and location where the vehicle is being towed. When combined with databases and tracking programs, these devices can determine who the vehicle was loaned to and where it’s being taken. Anyone caught owning a towing company without the proper license is subject to severe penalties in most states. If you hire a reliable towing service provider, there’s no need to worry about running afoul of the law.


Towing services use their tow trucks and employ their road service employees. These employees know how to handle various kinds of problems, and it means that they are professionals and know what they are supposed to do with the equipment they have.

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